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Frequently asked questions


Each client's vision is completely its own, which means every project we embark on is custom to their goals and needs. If you feel TGC could be the right fit, be sure to use our application form to schedule a free introductory call, where we have the opportunity to hear about you and your vision.

After we wrap, we’ll send over a customized proposal outlining what you can expect from investment to timeline. Clients that decide to partner with TGC typically invest anywhere between $5K - $20K.

At TGC, we’re not simply providing digital assets. The work we do is far more intimate, as our goal is always to understand y​​our vision as if it were our own. Then in turn, bring that life in the most aligned and beautiful ways possible. Choosing to invest in TGC isn’t just about the amount of hours we’ll spend on your project, it’s also the energy, collaboration, and enthusiasm we infuse into every step of the process. We believe the intention you put into a project directly correlates to the end result.

Of course! We offer a wide variety of payment options to fit every brand or business’ budget and needs. Investing in your dreams should always be within reach, so we'll be sure to work alongside you to create a plan that works for your brand.

Introduction Call + Proposal
Like any meaningful relationship, taking the necessary time and care to ensure TGC is the best fit for your needs is essential. After sending your initial inquiry, we’ll schedule a call with our creative director, Tiana, where she’ll have the opportunity to learn all about the vision you have for your brand. Once wrapped, we’ll send over a custom proposal outlining everything from design recommendations to investment to timeline.

Personalized Deep Dive
After confirming it’s a full-body “yes!” on both sides, we’re off to the getting-to-know-you portion, starting with a 2.5-hour deep dive alongside our creative director, so that we both walk away with unwavering understanding about every aspect of your brand—vision, purpose and values, audience, goals, and more.

Inspiration + Creative Direction
Before diving into design, we’ll work side-by-side to uncover a firm direction including: what elements best articulate your vision, our goals for our time together, and the narrative we’re seeking to accurately tell.

Logos, Colors, Typography
Next, we’ll bring it all together by designing concepts. This is the part where you really start to see what’s possible for your brand and the vision you hold for it. We’ll present everything through video recordings and in-depth descriptions so you fully understand the choices made and can make a holistic decision as to what’s best for your brand.

Your Brand, Realized
After two rounds of revisions to ensure your brand, website, or project is exactly where it needs to be, you’ll receive comprehensive guidance on how to utilize your new designs in a way that is both thoughtful and beautiful, so your brand always maintains its original integrity. We’re here every step of the way and offer two weeks of post-launch support to answer any questions you may have.

When you decide to work alongside TGC, the logistics of the process are going to mirror a lot of other agencies in the market—consultation, proposal, strategy, inspiration, design, and revision.

What sets TGC apart, however, is the intimate container with which we operate. The heartbeat of our agency truly lies at the intersection of witnessing our client’s vision, wholeheartedly understanding their needs, and illuminating a clear path to making their dreams a reality, all while empowering them as the authority of their brand.

TLDR: You’re the expert! We make it our job to understand YOUR VISION. And, then we help you bring it to life—beautifully and in the most aligned way possible.

If you’re looking for fast-action, turnkey design, TGC may not be the best fit. We’re all about creating lasting and meaningful relationships and empowering you as the authority for your brand. That takes time and nurturing, so we prefer to take a holistic approach.

If you still feel the ping that we might be the studio for you, fill out our application form and we'll be in touch to learn more about your brand and vision.

If you’re already head over heels for your current identity, we’d be happy to explore how we can translate that in meaningful ways online (Think: website, social content creation, email marketing and more!) Fill out our application form and we'll be in touch to learn more about your brand and vision.

Each project is completely different! That said, we typically see turnaround times ranging anywhere from 6-10 weeks for brand identity and 8-16 weeks for websites just depending on the details of your vision.

All other custom containers, including social content creation, blogging, email marketing and more are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, but we typically require a three-month commitment.

We’re both thrilled and honored you would choose TGC as your co-creator in the process of bringing your vision to life. After filling out the initial client form, we’ll reach out to schedule a personal 15-minute consultation to see if we're aligned on your vision and goals.