This one is for the VISIONARIES, ENTREPRENEURS, and AMBITIOUS DREAMERS — Are you ready to CREATE and be SEEN, in a way that is guided by your Inner Voice?

It’s possible to bring your ideas to life, and experience the success you crave, led completely from the wisdom WITHIN you.

Whether your idea is a seed, needing space to germinate and sprout…

Or you’ve created a business that looks successful but you’re feeling disconnected from your sense of clarity and truth about what’s next…

It’s time to pave a new way forward, led by your Inner Vision and Internal Knowing.

Let’s bring my vision to life

A Glimpse WITHIN: Preview the Course

Let’s Begin the Journey

The traditional ways of doing business can be exhausting. I get it, I’ve been there.

You want to create something meaningful or take what you’ve created to the next level, but you just feel stuck, or that no one is listening. The creative juices aren’t flowing.

You’ve gone through some disappointments. The traditional ways of doing business just haven’t led to the results you were hoping for or expecting. What you’ve created feels small.

You’ve always had aspirations of doing great things, growing your own company or personal brand, but you’re feeling lost, disoriented, unsure how to get there — and maybe even afraid it could be too late.

If that sounds like you,

take a SPACIOUS deep breath, you’re amongst good company.

Can I let you in on a little secret?

No one has gotten to the places they’ve long to travel on merit alone. Everyone needs a little guidance. Find solace in the fact that you’re not alone.

At TGC, we’ve uncovered a few guiding lights that can certainly help bring your vision to life in impactful and meaningful ways, and it’s ALL about directing you to uncover your Inner Voice.

When you take care to lead your life and your business by trusting your Internal Compass as True North, as opposed to the chatter and noise of the outside world, you will bring your visions to life on your own terms, from your place of power and alignment, and there is no greater joy or satisfaction.

We believe you have very specific dreams that crave to be brought into the world through you, no one else. Whether you hope to start an agency, podcast, brick-and-mortar, personal brand, or beyond, this is the first place you’ll want to start.

Within: Brand Clarity 101

A step-by-step guide to realizing your dreams and bringing your brand or business to life on your own terms.

In the Within: Brand Clarity Course 101 course, I will serve as your tour guide to reconnecting with and trusting your Inner voice. I’ve helped countless clients quiet the noise of the external world in favor of tuning in and trusting their Inner Voice as True North.

We lay the groundwork, but YOU steer the ship by utilizing all you uncover through the journey to make empowered and aligned decisions.

In the end, you’ll find newfound confidence + clarity in order to move steadfast in the direction of your dreams.

You’ll receive lessons, prompts, and tools to show you exactly how to tap into your Intuition to find direction and certainty for yourself whenever you need answers.

Let’s Get Started

What’s Included in Within: The Digital Clarity Course

Module 1: Find + Trusting Your Inner Voice

Are you ready to release traditional ways of doing business that haven’t worked for you, and embrace the immense wisdom and guidance that your Inner Voice has for you?

Your Inner Voice is NOT the anxious voice in your head and will never be frantic or make decisions from fear.

This Module is all about finding your true Inner Voice and learning to trust it.

You will learn:

Why we truly need a New Way Forward
What your Inner Voice really is
How to Know when you hear/see/feel your Inner Voice

You’ll also receive:

Prompts on uncovering your inner voice.
Guided meditation to find your inner voice.
Assignments to create a polished list for the ways your Inner Voice finds you, so you can return to these as a path forward again and again whenever you feel like your intuition is waning.

Module 2: Vision

How does one follow their intuition as it pertains to vision?

This Module will guide you to release yourself from the shackles that bind you, to truly set your vision free.

Whether you have a clearly defined vision, but you don’t know how to make it real or know you’re here to create more, but your vision is fuzzy, this module will teach you to:

You will learn:

Tap into the clues you already possess to uncover your vision and/or next steps
How to navigate fear/ego, take your power back and choose the path led by your intuition over all else
Release the expectations others have for you (that may contribute to resistance and fear) and put your Inner Voice in the driver’s seat no matter what

Are you willing to allow your bold, intuitive self to cast the vision for your future?

That’s going to be the best and brightest version, regardless of if your fears and anxieties want to declare otherwise.

Are you ready to craft your vision and choose to live your future and your dreams on YOUR terms?

You’ll also receive:

Cord-cutting meditation to help you release the expectations of others and allow yourself to step fully into your definition and embodiment of your dreams
Visualization Meditation
PDF with prompts
Resources to continue trusting yourself + carving out your intuition

Module 3: Purpose + Values

How do you ground your vision from its dreamy, ethereal birthplace into a practical path you can follow?

Purpose + Values are the anchors for your vision. They make your vision tangible and real so that you can clearly communicate it to other people.

Are you ready to define the foundational pillars for your dreams?

You will learn:

How to fortify your intuitive vision by crafting a clear purpose and supporting values
The importance of purpose and how to craft a clear purpose statement that keeps you on track with your vision
How to make this whole process light and exciting!

You’ll also receive:

Prompts that walk you through a “distillation” process that will take you to the ROOT of your purpose and values.
Assignments to help you stay connected to your WHY at all times so your clarity will be unwavering.
Guidance on how to continue to deepen your connection to your Inner Voice.

Module 4: Message

How do you get clear on what your message is so that you can amplify it to the world with unwavering confidence?

Even if it feels tough, you need to prepare your message for the world, because the fact of the matter is: the world NEEDS to hear what you have to say.

In this module, you will:

Learn how to own your unique & beautiful voice
Build up the confidence that what you have to say is important, valuable, and worthy (because IT IS!)
Play with some specific prompts that will help you refine your message and get comfortable communicating it
Learn how to center back in your own truth when someone disagrees with you

It’s time to hone in on what your message is from your own inner knowing!

Are you ready to build up the confidence to be able to clearly state what that is to others (so you can get people on board and move your vision into the world)?

You’ll also receive:

Throat Chakra meditation for balancing, clearing and preparing the voice for whatever it is it has to say.
Prompts to help you form your “elevator pitch” or “Oprah pitch”.
A mind map activity to help you build a lexicon for your message

Module 5: Audience

Do you know how much power there is in your vision (which encompasses your message, purpose, and values) impacting JUST ONE PERSON if it’s the right person?

You never know how you may change someone’s life, just by living in your Truth.

In this Module, you’ll discover:

The magic that happens when all the inner work you’ve done so far gets expressed, seen, and understood by your audience
How to measure your success in much more than numbers (and why this is SO important)
How to find your audience (the people who see and understand you) through the power of authenticity.
How to navigate experiences with different types of people (including triggers) so you can use any interaction to take you deeper in knowing yourself
How to form your audience muse so that you’ll have direction and clarity to find your people, even when you feel like there’s no friendly ear in sight

Are you ready to connect your intuitively led expression to the people who will truly hear and appreciate you, in a fulfilling and soul-satisfying way?

You’ll also receive:

Prompts to amplify the POWER of your message while following and reinforcing your own intuition.
Support on how to create safe space and community support for yourself so you can practice your pitch and your messaging, clarify and build your confidence.
Prompts to uncover who your audience is by creating an audience muse.

Module 6: Visuals

Are you ready to bring the version of beauty you see in your head + heart to life through the power of visuals?

In this Module you will learn:

How to intuitively draw on your Inner Voice to guide what visual decisions you make for your brand
The Power of Visuals and the importance of letting them flow from your intuition.
How to navigate the noise of the world’s opinions around you (self-proclaimed experts, trends, people of influence you look up to…) and stay true to yourself when articulating your unique brand visually
Free yourself from inner pressure so you can embrace the unfolding process of visual creation
How to apply all the tools you’ve learned so far to articulate your vision and communicate what it stands for to just about anyone–including designers, printers, strategists, you name it
Practical advice on building a website
How to step into your power and allow yourself to be supported by a team, and how to select the right team
How TGC could support you with a Personalized Deep Dive to make a plan for how to bring your vision to life
Practical tools to make sure you find a designer who is the right fit and make sure they understand your vision

Are you ready to bring your brand to life with ease, while staying true to YOU, through visual communication?

You’ll also receive:

Email template for reaching out to see if a designer is a good fit.
A list of questions to ask your designer to ensure they understand your vision.
Assignments to help you capture and communicate the visual essence of your brand.
Activity to guide you in deciding Your Next Right Step.

Module 7: Channels

Are you ready to let go of all that isn’t aligned for you, so you can emerge in the public sphere in new and true ways?

Sometimes putting yourself out there is the toughest challenge of them all. But by this point, you’ve done all the necessary work and all that’s left to do is release your vision out into the world.

This Module is all about:

Encouraging you, inspiring you, and empowering you to move through any fear or resistance that comes up to take the final step of putting yourself out there
Guiding you to balance your big visions and dreams for the greatest success you can imagine (hello, Oprah?) with honing in on your next best steps so you can get in action now
How to engage with the cyclical creative process that occurs as you release your vision, gain information about your vision based on that experience, and then go back in and refine the process from an intuitive place

All your vision ever longed to do was be released through you. Are you ready to set your vision free in the world so you can feel the deep satisfaction of having brought your vision fully into the world?

You’ll also receive:

Empowering assignments to set you up to move forward with confidence, feeling like you’re a boss.
Positive Business Affirmation:

My voice, ideas, and dreams deserve to be heard, seen, and realized.

Unleash your inner voice

Features of the Course

Video Lessons

Are you ready to embark on a voyage of self-discovery and growth? Each module contains 1 video lesson, between 5-10 minutes long. Go at your own pace, and return to the material again and again with lifetime access.

Guided Meditations

Journey deep within to rediscover and trust your Inner Voice with guided meditations for visualization, uncovering your intuition, cutting cords + setting boundaries, clearing your throat chakra, and more.

Journaling Prompts & PDFs

Journaling is one of the very best tools for connecting with your intuition. Enjoy specifically curated journaling prompts, questions, and inspiration to help you get the best results from this course.

Start your journey

your inner voice is waiting to be expressed.

commit, get support, and harness your powerful

intuition to bring your dreams and vision to life.

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Seven Modules
60+ Page Integration Work PDF
4 Exclusive Guided Meditations
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Seven Modules
60+ Page Integration Work PDF
4 Exclusive Guided Meditations
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Email Templates, Phone Backgrounds, Resources + more!