Cord-Cutting Meditation

A Guided Meditation for Setting Boundaries


If you’re struggling with people pleasing, low energy levels, needing energetic or physical space, or simply learning it is okay to take care of yourself, this meditation will help you establish boundaries and call back your power.

When bringing your vision to life, you must walk fearlessly in the direction of your dreams. Yet sometimes there are people or situations holding you back. Through this 26-minute guided meditation, you will help you identify those blocks and free yourself from them, so you can continue building the brand, business, or vision of your dreams.

With TGC Guided Meditations, there are no rules. Do them as many times as you need for as long as is necessary to take as much value as possible. But please only engage in meditations in a safe space, and do not perform them while driving.

Note: All TGC downloads are created with the utmost care and intention. Due to the nature of the files, we cannot provide returns or exchanges. Please review your purchase thoroughly before buying.



"I just finished the first module of the WITHIN course and had to reach out because I am quite literally in tears after that mediation 😭✨ You have a true gift and I have never connected with myself more than I have in that moment. I can’t wait to finish the rest of the course!! Thank you for sharing your light with the world."

- Kaelyn