Her Business

Gwen Taniguchi Consulting is the culmination of 12+ years of simplifying business owners’ lives through project management and behind-the-scenes administrative hustle.

Gwen knows what it takes to get it done—whether scaling a rapidly growing start-up or bringing operations into the digital era for an established company or brand. Clients receive a game plan for their business expertly crafted for longevity and seamless execution. Tasked with branding Gwen Taniguchi and her latest venture, The Admin Academy, Gwen’s identity needed to articulate trust and know-how, while also speaking to her inviting and hands-on approach.

Her Light

Gwen is a growth strategist and coach for high-performing online entrepreneurs. She sees and understands the heart behind your business and provides a clear roadmap on how to move towards your company goals.

  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Social Media
Brand Words
  • Autonomy
  • Freedom
  • Support
  • Efficiency
  • Personality
  • Customization
  • Possibility


Image sourced via Pexels

Image sourced via Pexels

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