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“I designed this journal with a singular intention: to create a dedicated space where your inner LIGHT can guide you—to clarity, to peace, to certainty, to joy. To anything and everything you could possibly desire from life, and so much more.”

WITHIN is more than a journal. Consider it 154 blank pages to merge your current reality with your higher self in order to live your waking dreams.

Filled with over 100 thoughtful and sometimes provocative prompts to draw you deeper, help ask life’s important questions, and bring you back to yourself, WITHIN aims to let your intuition take the lead (rather than external validation), so that you can find your answers, and TRUST them implicitly.

DETAILS: 7×10”; College-ruled, 80-lb. paper with a double-wire bound spiral and a matte black, holographic foil cover. Prompt categories include: Higher Calling and Purpose, Connection, Health and Wellness, Confidence, Clarity, + Creativity, Career and Money.



As someone who really has struggled throughout my life with getting out of my own head, comparison, and lack of creative freedom, the Within journal is opening a new line of communication between my head and heart. By writing through some of my fears or comparisons or desires and dreams daily, I find myself getting to answers that were covered beneath so much internal struggle and self-doubt. The Within journal has some of the most thoughtful prompts I’ve ever seen and truly help you unlock the answers that are already “within”. Tiana is a creative genius and I cannot recommend this journal and process enough!

- Marah




10/10 recommend. I knew that the Within journal was going to be special as soon as I heard about it, but I don't think I fully understood just how much it would deepen my practice. I journal every morning, and noticed more synchronicity and a sense of peace immediately after beginning to use the Within journal. The prompts are so intentional and get my days started off with gratitude and self-compassion. I begin each morning with a cup of coffee and my Within journal, and I feel so much more connected to myself and the spiritual realm. I recommend this journal for everyone--whether you journal everyday or are completely new to the practice. It meets you where you are and will gently guide you toward self-discovery, if you let it.

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